Sunday 19 February 2017

Questionnaire for student twinners with Palestine

If this is of interest, please answer these questions and return them to us at

CADFA and university/ college student twinning with Palestine
(February 2017)

CADFA has been involved in student twinning with Palestine for over 10 years now and we can help student unions/ Palestine societies/ others at universities to build links with Palestinian students.
We facilitate and support twinning links in order to spread awareness of the human rights situation in Palestine and encourage people to be active on the issue. Some of the things we have done are
·          organise visits of Palestinian students to the UK
·         And of UK students to Palestine
·         Organise volunteering/ internships in both places
·         Help give information and build campaigns around student human rights issues
·         Organise student twinning conferences
We know lots about student twinning, its positive side and its difficulties, and we can help!

Contact details
University group (if relevant)

NEXT STUDENT VISIT TO PALESTINE... Would you/ your group be interested in taking part, and which would be the best time for us to organise a visit?

NEXT PALESTINIAN STUDENT VISIT TO THE UK...  If we have enough universities involved (soon) then we will bring some students from Palestine on a speaking tour. The idea is that each university group will contribute a part of the money, and the students will come to your university for a day.
Would you/ your group be interested in taking part, and which would be the best time for us to organise a visit?
The costs will depend on the number of students that come and the number of universities that they go to.  Would your group be able to contribute say £800 towards this? If so, and you need to raise the funds, when  would you be able to contribute this?

How else can CADFA help students at your university to have better links with Palestine? Please tick and comment on any of these that seem relevant to you...
CADFA STALL on a regular/ occasional basis at your uni
BLOG written in both countries
VIDEO LINKS between the two countries
ORGANISING WORKSHOPS (What would be useful? We can offer Arabic/ Human rights/ Palestinian issues – many things/ Student twinning)

 How can we encourage students to join CADFA?

 How do you get your info about CADFA?  

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