Tuesday 6 June 2017



What do you understand by human rights? Can you name any of them? Do people in Britain have all their human rights? And what about human rights in Palestine?


This book, which start with questions about Palestine (good to test your knowledge) has been written as part of human rights project. Youth from Abu Dis and Camden met to work together, discover British and Palestinian societies and trade about issues of anti-discrimination and human rights. This book (written in Arabic and English) is the result of their work.

For all those young people the biggest issue was the violation of the human rights of Palestinian people.


Nowadays, most of the human rights of Palestinian children are violated. That is why youth ambassadors have chosen to discuss on the follow human rights:

- The right to an identity

- The right to leave your country and return to it

- The right to feel safe

- The rights to freedom from arbitrary arrest + freedom from torture

- The right to move around your country

- The right for families to be protected

- The right to clothing and housing

- The right to health care

- The right to education

- The right to play

- The right not to be discriminated against.


Finally, youth from Abu Dis and Camden have discussed about what they can do. Young Palestinian people have also made different recommendations like:

-      Tell others what is happening in Palestine

-      Ask for the wall and checkpoints to be removed.

-      Boycott Israel. - Etc.


If you don't know basis about the issue in Palestine and human rights situation there, this book is made for you!


*You can order the book here: http://www.cadfa.org/shop/for-hammam/