Sunday 17 November 2013

Clashes at the university today!!

Clashes today in Abu Dis. Students from the Abu Dis Boys School were sent home early as Israeli soldiers were throwing tear gas inside the school. The army surrounded the school and later the university (which has been closed for the day as well) and the sound of tear gas and sound bombs, as well as live ammunition could be heard all around Abu Dis. 40 people were injured.

Here are some pictures, which show the tear gas inside and around the university and the damage to its building. Unfortunately, this didn't just happen today, but happens repeatedly in Abu Dis.

An article in English about what happened today:

*** PETITION: Call for the right to study WITHOUT violence!! Tell the UK government to take action!!  

Pictures of Al Quds university

Some pictures from Al Quds university, in Abu Dis.

The Abu Jihad prisoners' museum at the university, with incredible works made by the detainees while in prison.

A poster for the memorial of Arafat's death, which took place last Tuesday (12/11) with music and speakers at the university.

A picture of the separation wall, which can be seen from the university campus. Recently, a house under construction on the university street was demolished by the Israeli army because it was 'too close to the wall'. The army also dug the road by the wall, so that the street is lower and the wall higher. The university often has to be closed because of the army's incursions in the town and soldiers throwing tear gas inside the campus.