Monday 27 October 2014

Hi from London University

Today some of us from Cadfa went to the university to talk to students about getting student linking going again this year. We met interested students at BIRKBECK, SOAS and UCL.

We went to a Palestine Society meeting at UCL.

This is just the beginning: our volunteers are going to have a stall at the university once a week

and we"re talking to the different university unions about the student visit in January

And we're going to work with students to start putting things on this blog... Nice to see what you've put on there in Palestine, it looks really good-

More soon!

Saturday 25 October 2014


Today we ventured off to Jerico with the university. We walked proud in our lime, green tops, representing Rights and Justice for Palestinians, supported by many volunteers who freely work for the Red Crescent medical support services and today supported us. We walked around the land, between mountains and the completed our trek by gathering together at the Environmental Center for a meal and to celebrate the work carried out. It joined people together, united for Palestine!


Working with the university students

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Fun with teachers and students!

Health Awareness at Al'Quds University

Marking World Diabetes Day, and as part of a general health awareness scheme at Al'Quds University, medical students set up stations to measure people's blood sugar levels and give them imformation about the risks of diabetes. A cooking competition also took place to highlight the importance of healthy eating in preventing and managing the disease. Budding chefs brought in traditional spicey chicken dishes, healthy fish platters, tantalising taboulah and sugar-free desserts. The food was artistically presented and after the critics had sampled all, hoards of students tucked in. Local television reported on the event and we were very pleased when a local CADFA volunteer, Diana, came second place!

Here is a link to the facebook page: