Friday 27 January 2017

Student's day, second day, keep on preparation

Yesterday, I met again Megan to organise our project: stalls in Universities. We are still waiting for clear responses from both Student's Unions and Palestine Societies of the different Universities, which could allows us to fix dates to set up our stalls.

However, we have already a date: our first stall in Goldsmiths University will be held on the 23rd of February.

We spent the day working on another leaflet, it will be foldable and will contain more informations. We will use it when the first pile is finished. Also, we kept on contacting and discussing with Unis and decided to go ask them directly next week.

Our next Thursday will be the one of visiting. We plan to go to several Universities: UCL, Birkbeck, LSE and Westminster.  

Friday 20 January 2017

Student's links, first day: Preparation

On Thursday, the 19th of January, I went to Goldsmiths University, in South London. There, I met Megan, a volunteer who would like to help me with the Student Day that CADFA plans to organise every Thursday.

The idea of this day, is to run a stall every Thursday in different Universities around London, but also in other cities in UK if it is possible. We would like to distribute informations and to raise awareness about the human rights situation in Palestine. Doing so, it would be wonderful if we could manage to involve students in our work (new volunteers, organise events...). In the same time we will display petitions on the stall and try to get signatures. We also think about selling some products, even if it is not the main goal of this stall, we bear it in mind. And of course, we will try to collect some money for our projects. For exemple we are now trying to fundraise for a girls' football team visit from Palestine this summer.

With Megan on the 19th we have discussed about would be a proper strategy. We designed our first leaflet which could change soon as we may have some things to add on it. We have also thought about what we do need for our stall. We have sent an email to every Student Union and Palestine Society in UCL, Goldsmiths, SOAS, LSE, Birkbeck, Westminster... to inform them about our project.