Monday 16 March 2015

Palestinian students at Manchester Uni

As part of the CADFA women's visit (see ) students from An Najah uni spoke at a meeting in Manchester University, where students are working to rejuvenate their twinning with An Najah!

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Israel Aparthaid Week, London 2015

Last Wednesday 25th of February, London cellebrate the Israeli Aparthaid Week, and I went to UCL to listen a talk about different topics. When I was there I saw many friends of Palestine Society in this university, and also I bring some leaflets about CADFA and I talked with some people about our next women visit.

The program of the evening was really interesting, three professionals who are running a 'think tink' call al-shabaka talked about the situation in Palestine in general, and also they talked about the water situation and how Israel is stolen the natural water to Palestine, comercializing and selling them. It was really sock from me. At the end of the session they open a questions time and the students discuss about the status of refugee people in other countries, the right to return home and also how UNRWA is working to help in education and medical issue.

I think this kind of events are rally useful for all the society because everybody have the opportunity to learn more about the Palestine issue and contribute to the teach the society how the difficult is the life outside the western bubble.

Emilio Sanchez.
EVS Volunteer