Friday 4 December 2015

Skype Meeting!

We are pleased to have started a skype meeting with some excited volunteers in Al-Quds University. The meeting gave the volunteers the chance to think about the potential outcomes of the student visit to Palestine and propose suggestions for activities. The students were more than happy to share their thought despite the bad internet issue.

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Students Meeting Tomorrow

Tommorow we will have a student skype meeting with students from Abu Dis. The meeting will revolve around the next student visit in February from London to Palestine. We are hoping students from here and there will come and make it happen! Lets try to revive the twinnings and the friendships to create an everlasting connection (:

View from the office, Come!

Thursday 26 November 2015

Students in Palestine

PowerPoint presentation material about the students in Palestine..

click here to see or download

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Pic from Human Rights Clinic, Al Quds University

Today: AQU's Students talk to Students from Goldsmith University- UK about their experience in the university during this semester. Thank you CADFA for creating this connection.

Students at CADFA in London

Saturday 10 October 2015

So many students being hurt and killed.

Students from Al Quds, Birzeit, other universities, young people who are not students.

Please sign our petition...HERE ...

Thursday 1 October 2015

#CADFA student visit to Palestine!

We're very excited to tell you that finally we have the OK for the next phase of #TwinningInAction exchanges, this time including a STUDENT VISIT TO PALESTINE. This has yet to be timetabled (we'd like your advice) but will probably be early next year.

Students interested in working with #CADFA on #studentlinkswithPalestine please be in touch soon. We'll have volunteers from Palestine in London soon, we can work together to have a student exchange to London, we'll definitely have this exchange to Palestine

Lots to be done, be in touch!

Sunday 27 September 2015

London student meeting hears from Palestinian students

#CADFA #studentslink meeting on 24th September started with a talk by David from King's College about education in Palestine under occupation and why we want to link with Palestinian students. 

He also talked about CADFA student visits from Palestine and to Palestine and ways to be involved in building links with Al Quds University.

This was followed by an interesting talk by Ahmad Hammad from Yatta near Hebron - He was one of the students involved in CADFA's visit to the UK last year and he talked about why he thought this was useful. 

Then he and his brother Ghassan talked about the situation in Palestine for students.

 "I didn't know much about this before, it was shocking, " said one of the UK students who studies at UCL. 

The two students told their stories of harassment at checkpoints, being used as a human shield by Israeli soldiers, having their houses raided by soldiers at 4am and even (recently) of a friend  being shot and killed by Israeli soldiers.

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Al Quds student arrested - Mohammed Omar

Student from Al Quds University arrested in Abu Dis on Monday 14th September - now in Al Muskobiya Interrogation Centre in Jerusalem.

Palestinian students - If anyone knows Mohammed here or can tell us of his progress, please let us know

British student links people note,

It's not clear how many students from the University are arrested at any time - sometimes they just don't make it to register for the year. But student imprisonment is one major issue
that is holding Palestinian students from the RIGHT TO EDUCATION

UK student links  - Please come if you can to a meeting (with food) on  Thursday 24th September above the CADFA office at 7pm

Wednesday 12 August 2015

5th August Demonstration Against Israeli Settlements

On 5th August 2015 CADFA held a demonstration against Israeli settlements in the Westbank. This action was taken after news of the horrific arson attack against a Palestinian family in Duma village, in which Baby Ali Dawabsha was burnt alive in his crib while his brother and parents were severely injured.

One of our CADFA volunteers in Abu Dis travelled to the village, where this attrocity occured, to pay respects and take pictures.

The hebrew graffiti on the wall reads "Long live the King, revenge".

CADFA volunteers and members took to the streets of Camden collecting signatures for a pettion to the British foreign secretary, asking the UK government to take a firmer stance against Israeli settler policy. Codolences were also collected in a book, which will be passed onto the family of the deceased.

(The demonstration image of an Israeli settlement neighbourhood)

Awareness of the situation was without doubt raised, it was in fact fascinating to discover how many members of the public knew so little about the Israeli occupation and settler policy. Hopefully they will have been inspired to become active for Palestine with CADFA and stand up for human rights.

Wednesday 29 July 2015

CADFA Student Meeting 28/07/2015

On 28th July 2015 CADFA held a student meeting for all London universities to come together and discuss how best to organise for the upcoming student visit next year. It was a hard time to bring everyone together, with most undergraduates being at current on their summer vacations and many abroad, some universities were unable to attend. Nevertheless KCL and UCL managed to come together at the beautiful location on Kings College campus to have a joint meeting.

                                   (The bust of Desmond Tutu wearing a Palestinian flag)

Many innovative ideas were discussed, such as holding a comparative presentation on British and Palestinian education, which would highlight the challenges Palestinians face to access their right to education.

All universities which were unable to attend will receive the minutes of the meeting and will most certainly be kept up to date with the plans for the student visit.

Tuesday 21 July 2015

School Students Picnic

On 20th July 2015 Cadfa held a picnic on Hamstead Heath for all school children in the local area to attend in order to raise awareness about Palestine and encourage local participation in the kids visit from Palestine next year.

Roughly 20 school kids from Camden schools showed up for friendly conversation and in depth discussion of Palestine. Many of the school children were surprised to hear that Nadine, with an Israeli ID from West Jerusalem, and Momin, with a Palestinian ID from Ramallah in the West-Bank, although both Palestinian have completely different rights. An interesting illustration of this is that Nadine has the right to unrestricted travel throughout Israel and the West-Bank whereas Momin requires special permission from the Israeli Occupation Authorities even to travel within the West-Bank, which is not easily obtained.

We hope that many who came were inspired to get involved for the benefit of the Palestinian people.

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Student life in Gaza, one year on

It has been exactly a year since Israel's bombing of Gaza in summer 2014, in which 2,200 Palestinian lives were lost and 100,000 buildings were damaged and destroyed, although life has yet to recover. The limit imposed by Israel on the resources allowed into Gaza has meant that most houses still stand in ruin and over 150,000 Gazans are homeless.

Life as a student in Gaza is understandably bleak, and education has suffered. Not only have university premises in Gaza once more been damaged, as in 2009 when the Islamic University of Gaza had its science laboratories destroyed by Israeli bombs, but simple education materials such as books, stationary and computers are in scarce supply. The ability to teach is furthered hindered by the temperamental electricity supply, which allows buildings in Gaza approximately 6 hours of electricity per day.

Perhaps, however, the most daunting aspect of student life in Gaza is the likelihood of being unemployed after graduation. The worries of future employment prospects are familiar to students in the best corners of the world, and they are most definitely not at loss to the students in Gaza, where youth unemployment, standing at 60%, is almost a certainty upon graduation.

There is in conclusion, little hope of a normal life for the students of Gaza.

Thursday 9 July 2015

Memories - 'Ma’an. Students Together’

This short animation was made during the project 'Ma’an. Students Together’, which took place from the 9th to the 19th of June 2013, held by CADFA (Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association).
Twelve students from Palestine and twelve students from British universities had the chance to meet and work together. The main aims of the program were to share life experiences of the students, to build a website and to promote twinning links between British and Palestinian student unions. However, it should be underlined that the project was not political or religious but it was rather something related to the promotion of human rights which are meant for everybody.
The animation reflects part of what has emerged during the project and it shows the memories of a British young boy and those of a Palestinian student.
For more info about the report of the project visit:
Here the association CADFA's website: based in London

Monday 22 June 2015

Some Words from Students in Al Quds

In today’s session with students from the university we discussed a range of topics. We talked about favourite TV shows (Top Gear was in there) as well as music we like listening to. 

The students also wanted to talk about what we (the visitors to Palestine) thought were the positive and negative attributes of the country. 

But most interesting was something a student said about what he would like to tell others about Palestine. He said “I have a message in me. It is we have a country. And it is called Palestine.” 

Another student wanted to share his favourite poet with us. Tamim Barghouti. He recited the poem ‘In Al Quds’.  He wanted us to share it. 

In Al Quds 

By our lover's house we passed but we were turned away…
By the enemy's laws and walls
A blessing it could be for me I said…
When you see it, what do you see?
What you cannot bear is what you see…
When from the side of the road its houses appear…
When every soul sees its lover …
And every absentee surrenders to happiness…
To see him before their meeting is her secret as much as it is his…
Even her happiness does not give her safety…
When old Al-Quds you see once…
When the eye shall see it, where ever it turns the eye shall see it…
In Al-Quds… a cabbage vender from Georgia…
Tiring of his wife… a holiday he plans or his walls he shall paint…
In Al-Quds a Torah and an old man from upper Manhattan did come…
Its codes and rules a Polish kid teaches…
In Al-Quds an Abyssinian policeman closes a road in the market…
A machinegun on a twenty years old settler’s shoulder is carried…
A skullcap greeting the Wailing Wall…
Blond European tourists, Al-Quds they never see…
Photos they take for each other or with a reddish woman vender…
In Al-Quds soldiers with their boots as if over the clouds they creep…
In Al-Quds on the asphalt we prayed…
In Al-Quds. Others are in Al-Quds, except you…

Thursday 4 June 2015

CADFA Students film 2015

Hi students!

How are you? I hope everything is going well! This week I did a small film with pictures about your participation in 'twinning in action project' with CADFA in London. Doing the film I remembered a lot of beautiful moments that we spent together in the residential, during the universities visits and having fun in London. I hope you will enjoy this small film and hopefully we will see each other again!

Emilio Sanchez
EVS Volunteer

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Finals and soldiers at Al Quds University

From the facebook of a final year student at Al Quds today               

اذ يطلقون قنابل الغاز المسيل للدموع عليك لا تحفل بهم ".. طيب و ازا 4 حالات اختناق بالسكن برضو ؟
كان بدها جرعة غاز الواحد يصحصح و هو بيدرس فاينل !! بلشت اللعبة .. لعبة الفاينلز و الجيش !‏
Rough translation
Tamim Barghouthi (Palestinian poet) says 'if the soldiers throw tear gas towards you, don't panic, don't give them any attention' - OK< but what can we do when we have four people from our student accommodation choking from the gas? That's all we need, to focus on our studies, to have tear gas in our house. It's always like this with final exams - finals and soldiers

Monday 16 March 2015

Palestinian students at Manchester Uni

As part of the CADFA women's visit (see ) students from An Najah uni spoke at a meeting in Manchester University, where students are working to rejuvenate their twinning with An Najah!

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Israel Aparthaid Week, London 2015

Last Wednesday 25th of February, London cellebrate the Israeli Aparthaid Week, and I went to UCL to listen a talk about different topics. When I was there I saw many friends of Palestine Society in this university, and also I bring some leaflets about CADFA and I talked with some people about our next women visit.

The program of the evening was really interesting, three professionals who are running a 'think tink' call al-shabaka talked about the situation in Palestine in general, and also they talked about the water situation and how Israel is stolen the natural water to Palestine, comercializing and selling them. It was really sock from me. At the end of the session they open a questions time and the students discuss about the status of refugee people in other countries, the right to return home and also how UNRWA is working to help in education and medical issue.

I think this kind of events are rally useful for all the society because everybody have the opportunity to learn more about the Palestine issue and contribute to the teach the society how the difficult is the life outside the western bubble.

Emilio Sanchez.
EVS Volunteer

Friday 27 February 2015

Another student arrest - Hejazi Abeedo -


This is our life in Palestine, no one feels safe.

He is my friend and when he was on the road to go back to home today, the isreal army attack him and now he arrested. He is in the 3rd year in Alquds uni and he studies law. He is from Hebron, he lives in the old city, and there is a checkpoint right outside his house. That's where he was arrested.

Friday 20 February 2015

Exchange Students. Swarthghyll Farm, Yorkshire Dales. UK (30/01/15-02/02/15)

 From the Friday 30th January to Monday 2nd February, a couple of volunteers, from various parts of the UK, and myself took part in a Residential weekend with Palestinian students touring the UK, funded by CADFA. This took place at Swarthyghll Farm in the Yorkshire Dales.

On the Friday, we arrived at the farm from a longer journey than expected due to the snowy/icy conditions. However, the view of the mountains covered in snow was magnificent.

On the first day we took the chance to greet the Palestinian students, we were allocated into groups and asked to plan to do certain tasks as a group. This was very beneficial, as it obliged us to interact and cooperate; I personally felt this was a great way to get to know each other, especially when there was a language barrier. In addition, we established hopes and ideas for the weekend and on the contrary, we discussed what we did not want happening such as arguments, etc.

At the farm there was no wi-fi  connection or phone signal. Personally, I felt that this was splendid, as everyone talked to each other, played games, socialized and I did not feel that no one was trying to exclude themselves from the group activities by texting or social media.

On the second day, after a good night’s rest, we set out walking in the snowy hills. We played in the snow, throwing snowballs at each other, laughing and having fun. We took lovely pictures of the walk. We felt that the group was starting to connect very well.

Later on that day, a few of the British volunteers and myself presented about Britain. This included British culture, stereotypes, life as a student in the UK, from a British and International perspective and various social problems faced in a city like Manchester. I received feedback from some of the Palestinians who said they found the presentation educational, and that it changed massively their knowledge and perspectives on Britain. This was compared to their prior knowledge they had of Britain.

For dinner (supper), we all ate Shepherd’s Pie, a traditional English food. We also showed the Palestinian Students British etiquette at the table and compared it to what Palestinian etiquette is like. The Palestinians showed us this the following night and we found that the 2 etiquettes were very contradicting.

The following day, Sunday, was the Palestinian day. We started this day by eating “Foul Mudammas” - a traditional meal from the Levant. Later on that day, we listened to all the Palestinian students present to us about a bit of Palestinian culture but mainly political issues in their countries and some personal stories involving these issues.

Personally, I found these presentations life-changing with regards to my perspectives about what is happening in Palestine. This was because I heard stories from Palestinians who are currently residing in Palestine and have had numerous experiences as victims of the political repression in their country. Getting to know the students on a personal level, as I got to during the weekend, made me feel for their cause and obliged to help them fight, in any possible way, for their human rights in their home country.

The following morning, we set off on our different ways, a few Palestinian students came to the University of Leeds (my university). We were all very sad to be departing from each other, especially after a wonderful and amazing weekend where we made some really good friends. I personally feel that this weekend was an amazing, life-changing weekend. I made some good friends during that weekend, of whom I hope to continue to keep in touch with. In my opinion, what made the weekend so special and functional, was: the allocation of groups (a mixture of English and Palestinian Students, living in a big house together in the countryside where co-operation and interaction were a must, and also the effort that CADFA put in to make this weekend work and all the ideas, events and activities that brought us (the British and Palestinian Students) together.

It was a great, cool, fun, adventurous weekend and I would recommend this kind of weekend to my friends, family and colleges at University.

Henry de Thierry
 Studying Arabic & International Relations at the University of Leeds.
 A member of Palestine Solidarity Group, University of Leeds.