Friday 3 February 2017

Student day, third day, prospecting the Uni

This Thursday, we decided to prospect directly the Students' Unions in the Universities of Birkbeck, Westminster, UCL and LSE.

It was quite difficult to find someone to discuss with and we tried hard to find the right desk in each of them. We met Flora, who helped us in her Uni (UCL)

Speaking about the results, we managed to get some email adresses of people to contact and we have planned a stall in Birkbeck next Thursday (9th of February).

Speaking about the day, it was very interesting to walk around the different Universities and see what they look like, the campus and the facilities are both very nice and it seems to be good places to study. Let's see how the students will welcome such thing as a Palestinian charity stall.

Something else to notice was the presence of several Israeli stalls in and around the University of UCL. They distributed leaflets and were quite nice at first glance. They were against the "conflict" and were imparting about peace and stopping the settlements in the West Bank. I think they were left-wing and against the policy of the government. However, I listened a conversation between one of them and a woman, the man was using sentences like "I would love to live in peace with Palestinians but what would you say if you receive rockets on your house which kill your children, we are forced to react" or "You must understand that Jewish people have the right to live there, we were present even before Islam was created". That's the kind of arguments which could be used in a far right speech without any problem. In the same vein, one of them was wearing the Israeli flag as a cape. I think, that's kind of behaviour would be considered as a provocation by a majority of Israelis (wearing a Palestinian flag).


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