Thursday 19 December 2019

Palestinian student visit to the UK, Jan-Feb 2020

There has been a long gap in this blog but we've decided to use it again as student links have not been dead, and now they will get stronger again with our 2020 student visit - watch this space!  One reason this blog has been quiet is that for the past two years, our main student visits have been through the Ma'an project  which had its own blog (see - this picture is from one of the visits to London.

Now we are looking forward to students coming to the UK from Al Quds University, Bethlehem University and the Al Quds Open University (Bethlehem) as well as Sameh Iriqat, Co-ordinator of Student Activity and International Links at Al Quds University and Khader Alaraj, Mayor of Al Walajeh, coming to the UK to support the Bedford-Al Walajeh link.

This visit is being funded by people's efforts and contributions as we have no major funding source; students in the UK and in Palestine contributed to this short film which was used as a fundraiser.