Monday 16 December 2013


 Hello London! This week, storm Alexa has hit the Middle East, bringing lots of rain... and snow! No public transport, floods, power cuts, and no school this week. All classes and exams at the university have been postponed!

Here are some pictures of Palestine in the snow.

An article in The Guardian talking about storm Alexa:

Monday 9 December 2013

University Updates From London!

We have been very saddened to hear about the events at Al-Quds university, our hearts go out to all those affected by the horrible situation, and those that are still affected by the constant nature of such things. 

We have been doing our stalls in SOAS University and Kings University and trying to raise awareness of the situation and get people to sign the petition:!

We have about 150 signatures on paper to add on to the 400 or so on the online petition above. We urge people to continue signing! We are going to give the petition to Frank Dobson, a local Labour Party MP tomorrow at CADFA's 10th anniversary of Camden Abu Dis links! 

We are still working on a regular set up in a University society to answer some of the questions you have posed on the blogs, I am very sorry that we haven't been able to get back to you in this regard. Everyone at Universities are very difficult to get a hold off for regular meetings and building twinning links, but I am having a meeting with some people from Goldsmiths tomorrow and hope to make our link stronger.

Finally we are working on our next student visit in late January to February - The Winter Olympics! We are reaching out to Universities to get involved and are currently working on plans with Bradford, Manchester, Goldsmiths, Brunel and Kings. More to come! And we will start working on specific details and dates very soon. 

We hope everyone is well in Palestine and send our love :)