Friday 3 March 2017

Stalls in Goldsmiths University

After two weeks spent near Birkbeck University, we moved our stall to Goldsmiths University in South London, for two weeks as well.

There, we met Alissa, president of the Palestine Society. We discussed with her for a moment and she found us a very busy place to set up our stall. Thanks to that, a lot of student came across and many stopped to take leaflets, sign our Visa Equality Campaign, ask questions or tell their stories.

These two weeks were very interesting and the enquiries and talks were, as always, very disparate.

Some of the students were very involved and explained about their projects on the topic. One of them is spending his spare time to design a virtual reality about Gaza. One other explained us how he was close to be banned from the University after he "insulted" a girl of ignorant because she was saying that Palestinians were terrorists on a computer platforms...

We also had some students who wanted to sign in the Palestine Society of Goldsmiths (lol) and people who wanted to know more about the Palestine issue. That has led to interesting discussions and explanations.

This time, we didn't come across any Israel supporter. I am saying that, cause I must admit that in only 4 months working with CADFA and a certain amount of stalls, directly in contact with the public, I already have developed a vigilance. I am constantly searching for any trace of hate in the eyes of people looking at our stall. It is quite stressful to be honest, but I think that a natural reaction which would prepare me to face an argument without losing control.

I would like to add that reading the Sam's article about the Al Quds student's stories makes me realise (again) the deep gap between our student life and worries that I experience every Thursday and their student life and worries.

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