Wednesday 14 January 2015

Students visit is near!

Hi to everyone!

The week has been really busy. The next students visit will be in two weeks and we are working really hard in the London Cadfa Office. Hopefully, we have a timetable and everyone can see it, and for the people who are joining the project it is much easier to choose the activities that they like, it could on the residential, on the tourism day or support the activities at the different universities, the film days or the conference.

As you can see, the visit will be focus on two different things: First, visiting different universities (North of England and London Universities), meeting the students who are studying there and their Palestine societies, and share their experiences as a students or young professionals; and the second part is to focus on making a small film or video about whatever they want, it could be about Palestine and Human Rights, multiculturalism, freedom, campaigning, etc. and present the video in the last conference.

The visit looks really busy but we will have time to buy souvenirs in London, enjoy some dinner and make friends. We are doing our best to make this week unforgettable! Now we need to continue working hard for the next fortnight and await the Palestinian students.

Emilio Sanchez.
EVS Volunteer.

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