Wednesday 7 January 2015

Students Time

Hi friends!
The students visit is really soon and yesterday we had the first meeting with the Cadfa students' group.

The meeting started yesterday at 5pm, the people arrived to the office and everybody said 'hello and gave short introductions. We started talking about the 'leaders' visit' (December 2014) and remembering beautiful moments with our Palestine friends here in England.
We presented the 'action plan' which we did in the last visit, and we started to work from there. At the begining we talked about the timetable in two parts: - the first  part about residential  that will be in Yorkshire Dales, and the second about the time in London. The people were really interested in the activities, workshops, meetings and events in London because they will be the important people as well as their universities, and they want to make a good job to present to our Palestine student friends.

I think, they will work hard during the next weeks to prepare all these tasks with their universities! And of course me as a volunteer, Cadfa members and partners, and everybody who will be involved! Now, I want to say that the preparation part is good and enjoyable and you can meet very interesting people, but the visit will be fantastic! I hope see you soon!!

Emilio Sanchez.
EVS Volunteer.

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