Friday 8 September 2017

The terminally-ill, terminal route to Jerusalem

On route to al-Aqsa today the route was complex, what is a 7 minute drive and a 3km distance from Abu Dis, took an hour and a half to get to Jerusalem. .
We took the Palestinian route through the checkpoint. It was awful.  People were herded together, surrounded by large walls, metal cages and barriers; there were cameras built all around; a watch tower nearby whilst local residents were being treated like cattle.
All the while the Israeli Military- with large automatic weapons and an air of carelessness  were sat in their ivory tower, behind bulletproof windows, sipping coffees and looking chilled out.

I saw a 2 year-old green-eyed baby. She was so cute. Her mother and father were taking turns to hold her. She had large inquisitive eyes and I could see her looking around at the walls and metal bars. It was so difficult to watch, her life at that age is getting accustomed to the kind of things she'll have to deal with on a daily basis. I was quiet and observant through the 'terminal' and I think it had a greater impact on me. I was feeling really low and upset leaving the terminal. No-one should have to endure the humiliation imposed on Palestinians

The fact that there were no personnel physically stood at the security check-in area at the terminal struck me most. There is no physical contact and the Palestinians are just expected to move on like animals when the order comes from 'above'. It was so hard to watch and be a part of. People talk and try to be normal but there is nothing normal about it though for many it is all they have ever known so maybe it could be argued that it is normal?

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