Tuesday 7 November 2017

A report about Maan together project participants Paris visit

a report and photos by one of the Maan together project participants from the students twinning club at Dar Assadaqa October 2017

the trip to France was very informative and fun , we went on bases of human rights to talk about discrimination , and how we Palestinians are suffering from the Israelis , and to share some stories in addition of hearing from others (french and British people) about what they suffer , discrimination wise , as for what i learned , i gained different knowledge regarding discrimination as a concept , i never thought France would be other than a place where everyone is living the dream and enjoying their life , it turned out that people over their do have problems , i felt connected to them , i gained knowledge regarding the geography of France which was very interesting for me , people were very nice and friendly i believe we gained a life time relationship with our french and British friends , i am looking forward for other exchanges and opportunities.

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