Saturday, 26 March 2016

Exchange Report
HostingBritish students in Palestine
                                                                          Adham Jamal Hamadneh

It was the 18th of February when I and my Palestinian colleagues first met the British students at the PALIMUN conference at Al-Quds University,in which we all played the roles of candidates representing 170 countries of the world.The first day was full of excitement and expectations, because I was very excited to create the first impression, to meet every one, to know each ones’ name and to introduce myself to them.
The first day ended at The Moon Hotel in Jericho, we spent 3 days in Jericho, but felt like 3 months, because we took the advantage of every minute. The best part in Jericho was visiting a lot of places. I was also very happy to participate in the Palestinian day, telling them about Palestinian people, our everyday life, food, traditions, culture, and answering them questions about Palestine, I like having them listen, feel and live with us our stories. We had fun, we sometimes played games, group brain storming, doing Dabka, and a lot of other interesting activities.
The third day was the British day, we knew a lot about the UK. Our friends acted a play which was very educative and funny.We went to know each other more, I made new friends. I think this day was very important to me, because I always wanted to visit Britain and I had answers to my questions about Britain.
 Moving from hiking, to visiting the Jordan Valley and universities in Nablus, Ramallah and Bethlehem. Then going to Jerusalem, where our Muslim friends prayed at Al-Aqsa mosque.We spent very interesting and amazing days together. They saw the wall which was built by Israel to segregate Palestine and isolate Jerusalem. In spite of that,those 10 days were the best days of my life, I wish they never ended, I learned a lot from them and taught them a lot more.I learned that time is precious as well.

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