Thursday 13 November 2014

Stall at SOAS University

Hi everyone,

On Tuesday we had a CADFA stall in the SOAS University. Our goal was to find students, who want to be involved in our student twinning links. We were not just searching for students, who are already interested in Palestine or are already active for example in the Palestine Society of SOAS. Of course its good to get this people involved in our projects, but it is also very good to meet other people, who don't know so much about Palestine now.

It was sometimes really windy so we had to be careful with our leaflets.However I really enjoyed it, because we got a lot of positive replies and had some interesting chats. We talked about the next visits in December and January and the Al-Quds University in Abu Dis. Also the students were interested in general things about CADFA and how they could twin with Dar Assadaqa.

Student are mostly very busy, so it's hard for them to be involved in a project for as long as 10 days, but we met  a lot of students who are really interested in Palestine and volunteer work, so I am sure that we will have a great group, who will welcome the students from Palestine.



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