Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Today the first group met at Al-Quds University to learn about the twinning project and practice their English. The students study various subjects including archaeology, electrical engineering, and English literature. It was a great opportunity to speak English in an informal environment as well as share cultural differences and ask questions about life in the UK.

The students have many things they want to mention regarding life in Palestine. Firstly the occupation is making the country suffer on a daily basis and they want liberty and freedom. Despite this suffering the people live normal lives and they are proud of the way family and friends take care of each other and have good friendships. There is also a vibrant social life. The education system is also very good and it’s a good place to study. One student wanted to say that there are many interesting archaeological sites here in Palestine, particularly Sabastia near Nablus.

When the students were asked if things are getting better or worse, the students generally agreed that the situation is getting worse. They said the peace process is not working and Israel is being more aggressive to towns and villages and taking more land. At the same time the media is not reliable, so don’t believe what the media tells you! Instead they said it’s better to add Palestinian friends on Facebook so that you hear the real news for yourselves.

General questions that the students have for groups in London include:
·       What is the difference between being ‘English’ and being ‘British’?
·       What is the economic situation for people in Britain? Is there a divide between the rich and the poor?
·       What is the relationship between NATO and Britain?
·       How do you feel about Britain being responsible for creating the state of Israel?

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