Tuesday 28 April 2015

Finals and soldiers at Al Quds University

From the facebook of a final year student at Al Quds today               

اذ يطلقون قنابل الغاز المسيل للدموع عليك لا تحفل بهم ".. طيب و ازا 4 حالات اختناق بالسكن برضو ؟
كان بدها جرعة غاز الواحد يصحصح و هو بيدرس فاينل !! بلشت اللعبة .. لعبة الفاينلز و الجيش !‏
Rough translation
Tamim Barghouthi (Palestinian poet) says 'if the soldiers throw tear gas towards you, don't panic, don't give them any attention' - OK< but what can we do when we have four people from our student accommodation choking from the gas? That's all we need, to focus on our studies, to have tear gas in our house. It's always like this with final exams - finals and soldiers

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